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Our Sale

Lil' Lambs is an annual community consignment sale that features gently used children's, pre-teen, and maternity items. All items are individually inspected to insure they meet the highest standards for cleanliness, repair, and condition.

The sale's profits are donated to Collin County charities.

2016 All-season Sale!

Sale Dates

  • Thursday, August 4th 5pm - 8pm
  • Friday, August 5th 9am - 7pm
  • Saturday, August 6th 9am - 1pm
  • (Saturday is half-price day on most items)


    St. Jude’s Catholic Church
    1515 N. Greenville Ave.
    Allen, TX 75002

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Quick Steps to Consign

  1. Clean and hang clothing items.
  2. Group and bag loose items.
  3. Enter items into MyConsignment Manager
  4. Print tags.
  5. Attach tags to items.
  6. Deliver items to sale w/printed inventory sheets.

For further details, see sellers packet.